Sun Break Wine and Cider

Our small, family-run Sun Break Winery and Cidery produces distinctive Willamette Valley wines and refreshing artisan cider in small batches.

Naturally delicious: We use traditional practices with no sulfites added for both wine and cider making. 
The quality of our wine and cider relies on sustainably-farmed high quality Willamette Valley grapes and apples.  

David Patte is the owner, wine maker and cider maker.  David learned the craft and science of vinification through harvest internships with numerous Oregon wineries and wine makers including Clay Pigeon Wines, Anderson Family Vineyard and Winery, Lumos Wine Company, Dominio IV Wines, Native Flora Wine, and Mylan Wines.  This was supplemented with classes at the Chemeketa Wine Studies Program, and a lifetime of tasting wine and cider in the U.S. and France, and perhaps most importantly, absorbing the stories, lessons and experiences from hundreds and hundreds of winemakers from France and the U.S.

David grew up in the United States (mostly) but is of French origin and as a youth, summers were spent on the family farm in the Rhone Valley.  Wine making had been in the family’s past (Le Cellier, Ardeche) and wine appreciation was ever present at every Sunday family reunion meal at the farm.  David was enamored with wine early in life as a young adult learning to love aperitifs, Rhone blends, Pinot Noir and Champagne at the weekly Sunday family feasts and other special occasions.  The names of the wines (three of David’s seven aunts) are an homage to his French family who nurtured an appreciation and interest in great food and wine.  Merci!

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Premium Pinot Noir

Rose' Vermouth

Heritage Cider

Pinot Noir grapes

Le Cellier du Chateau de la Tourette, Adeche, France, 16th Century. My great-grandfather's winery. Still in the family but sadly no longer a winery.

moi (David, Wine Maker, Owner)