Sun Break Cider

Sun Break Cider is crafted using heritage/heirloom apples for aromatic, complex and food-friendly dry ciders

  • Naturally delicious small-batch authentic dry cider
  • Orchard-based
  • Naturally carbonated
  • No sulfites added

A portion of our apples are hand-picked from our property and neighbors’ no-spray orchard and other found trees in the Soap Creek Valley north of Corvallis. This is supplemented by heritage cider apple varietals from the Wombat Flats Orchard near Corvallis and the Idyll Acres Orchard near Turner, Oregon (both conventional).

Heirloom cider apples are the key to cider flavor complexity. They have higher natural sugar/ABV, tannins and tartness. Our cider is bottle-conditioned similar to a sparkling wine/méthode Champenoise (but without disgorgement of yeast) for extended in-bottle lees contact.

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